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    need of cost reduction and supply chain efficiency,

    without compromising

    quality standards and customer satisfaction


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    make your operations LEAN,

    reduce waste and become

    more efficient


Some of the services that our consultants are able to provide and operations that can be customized into your organization are:

  • Lean Manufacturing

    – Implementation of lean manufacturing practices and waste minimization to new and existing operations.
    – Training of personnel to understanding principles and benefits.
    – Lean Concepts: Kaizen, JIT, Kan Ban, 5’s, Poka-Yoke, TPM, VSM, OEE

  • Resource Management

    – Resource analysis and reallocation to maximize efficiency.
    – Application of ERP/MRP systems into operations.
    – Evaluation of personnel operational understanding and awareness, and training to meet job descriptions

  • Projects and ISO

    – Lead cross-functional teams to meet tight deadlines.
    – ISO certification implementation support and follow up auditing

  • SOP

    – Implementation and development of Standardized Operating Procedures to supply chain operations control.
    – Implementation of operational supply chain departments (logistics, purchasing, materials).

  • Cost Reduction

    – Analysis to identify cost reduction opportunities.
    – Resource planning, inventory control, material handling and transportation.

  • Procurement

    – Supplier management and evaluation to new supply sources.
    – Contracts analysis, costing, PPV.

  • Supply Planning

    – Forecast and budget analysis

  • Specialized Consulting Cosmetic Industry

    – Formulations Design and Silicone Technologies Applications

We are committed to provide top service and give precise solutions to improve current operations in order to become a continuing asset to your business.


SIMCO Consulting (Integrated Systems and Methodologies to Operations Control) is created upon the need of new and existing manufacturers, within highly competitive and fluctuating markets, to maximize business operations control, reduce waste and achieve cost reductions while maintaining quality control and customer satisfaction.

With Supply Chain Operations Management and experienced practice across Lean Manufacturing tools and systems methodologies, SIMCO Consultants focus in adding value to its customers by building and implementing disciplined improvement initiatives, uncovering best Standardized Operating Practices and improving performance looking to meet business established goals and objectives.

GTA Partners, LLC

GTA Partners

GTA Partners is a group of executive level subject matter experts from all facets of the manufacturing industry brought together for a common purpose; to introduce the vast talent pool of readily available experienced professional consultants to the growing market of clients in need of this expertise.

Within GTA’s primary goals, is to match experienced professional consultants in depth knowledge of industry with their clients needs to facilitate a relationship based on the time built belief in doing things the right way.

Our Partner’s capabilities encompasses: best value, base of consultants, competitive cost-exceed expectations, minimize attachment, easy to work with, rapid response, costs only for performance, qualified consultants, thorough screening, project scope documentation, readily available, consistent evaluation, client feedback process.

Some of our partner’s


Fredrick Simon

Fredrick Simon draws on his extensive line leadership and program management experience, his collaborative work with Dr. Peter Senge and the late W. Edwards Deming, and his work in organizational learning to develop more effective leadership, organizational alignment, empowerment and interdependent operation.

With thirty years of automotive experience with Ford Motor Company, he joined the company as a financial analyst, later moving to several positions in North American and International Product Planning.

Mr. Simon has been featured in The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook and in Fortune, Automobile, and HR magazines. He has partnered with Dr. Peter Senge in a seminar series in the U.S., Canada and Europe and is co-author of The Team Learning Lab workbook and video series.

A partial list of Mr. Simon’s clients includes AT&T, Ford Motor Company, The Government of Singapore, Harley Davidson Motor Company, NASA, the U.S. Department of Defense, and United Technologies.


Miguel Cena

Miguel Cena fulfills over ten years of automotive industry experience in different areas and roles in multinational organizations, and meets over six years in managerial positions.

With twelve years as a consultant in operations management and supply chain and fourteen as an instructor, Mr. Cena has been certified by APICS and CPIM since 1998, and has fifteen years of experience at implementation of operations management principles, supply chain, and resource management.


Alejandro Saldaña

Alejandro Saldana draws from ten years of diverse experience in the Automotive, Oil and Gas and Construction Industries to provide a broad visualization to problem solving and efficiency maximization through optimization and cost analysis.

With supply chain, administration management and business development experience he is a dynamic and reliable professional with direct focus on cost reduction while maintaining organization’s established goals and objectives and with the ability to integrate, persuade and lead cross-functional teams.

Mr. Saldana, has expertise in Lean Manufacturing execution at startup operations; as well as purchasing, materials and logistics departmental implementation with proven success to cost savings through inventory management, supplier management, operations control, and cross-functional team direction.


María Eugenia Puertas

María Eugenia Puertas draws from an Industrial Engineering background and a Master degree in Management and Administration.

With 8 years professional experience in Quality Systems Management and process mapping for standardization; Eugenia has participated in the implementation of ISO-9001, applying identified preventive and corrective actions and the internal auditing towards total fulfilment.

Miss Puertas has been involved in the implementation and supervision of diverse projects within the electronic industry, tobacco industry, with international bank organizations, government; and participated with success within organizations complying with the established goals and objectives.

Some of the companies were our partners have participated are:

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